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Forum Rules
« on: March 25, 2013, 10:58:44 PM »
1. Before posting, search the forums. Be specific in your searches.

 2. When posting, DO NOT give your topic a title of:

I have a question.
BIG problem!
NOOB needs help!
or ANYTHING like the above!!!

BE SPECIFIC in choosing a title for your post. It can help us better help you.

If you use a title that is generalized and not specific, it MAY be removed altogether

3. Help us help you. When you post, post as much information as you can.

Version of operating system
Specific problem
Detailed details detailing the details of the problem.
DXDiag of your system. You can obtain this by following the instructions below;
  • Click the "Start button" and type in the "Run/Search" box "dxdiag" without the quotation marks and hit enter.
  • The DirectX Diagnostic Tool window will open. At the bottom click the Run "DxDiag" button (Run 64-bit DxDiag if you are using a 64-bit OS).
  • Click the "Save All Information" button and you will be prompted to save the file named "DxDiag.txt".
  • You can then add the file as an attachment to your post. DO NOT copy and paste the text from this file. Attach the file ONLY when making your post.
Once you have done so, we can look at your report and determine if the issue may be hardware or software related.

4. Posting a topic 3 or 4 or 5 times will not get you a quicker will get No response, and the thread will be deleted.

5. Please try to only start New topics as necessary. If a similar topic exists, please post in it. It will move that topic to the top of the list and your post will be seen. It also is a good idea since there may be a few users subscribed to that posts notification.

6. Post your topic in the respective forum.

Do not ask for or offer hacks, serials, keys, codes or other such programs that may be illegal or otherwise forbidden.

i.e. Requests go in a specific, relative forum, Off topic stuff goes in the Off topic forum.

Neglecting to do so will get your topic moved or even removed!

7. DO NOT contact the administrators and moderators by Email or Private Messaging with questions UNLESS they have told you to do so or the Email or Private Message is personal in nature! Uninvited private messages and privately addressed questions that are not personal in nature will be IGNORED!

8. Off topic posting or spamming in threads will result in removal of your post and reduction in post numbers. You Have Been Warned.

9. Do not revive post older than 14 days unless you have new information to offer to the original post. Replies that only further the subject or offer opinions that cannot re-validate the subject of offer a new insight, information, or updates is not allowed. There is a warning displayed at the top of any subject that is 14 days old or older. Pay attention to the red text and either refrain from posting, or start a new thread.

Those who fail to read these rules and abide by them, will result in 1 warning and then afterwards if rules are broken, one weeks suspension from the forums. Unfortunately, those who this will apply to will not know about it, since they did not read any of these rules.

We try to help as much as we can. Time is not free and any help we give is purely voluntary.
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