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Tear Rising
« on: January 24, 2014, 07:53:06 PM »
I did a little write up on Tera on the old Ecclesia site, but I've gotten further along and just wanted to post a new one. I'm currently at level 48 of 60. It is free to play.

First of all, the game looks a lot like RoM, but if RoM were newer and better. The environments and art style are constantly reminding me of the places I went in RoM. I was recently in an open world a place that reminded me very much of Kalin's Shrine. Thankfully, no Goddess, but a nasty crab-like thing that would definetly give her a run for her money. 

Other similarities are the questing ("quest hub"-style) and at least one aspect of gearing that I've gotten to, so far (enchanting, or "plussing" gear that increases base stats and opens bonuses. Weapons begin to glow at +7 and up). I've read you can also "clean" items of stats and "identify" new ones, which as I understand it, gives you the ability to completely customize your stuff. Familiar. One difference though, is that if you attempt to enchant an item and it happens to fail, you don't have to worry about going backwards. In fact not only will you not lose one, you get a percentage chance increase that the next attempt will succeed. Also enchantment and other gear augmenting do not require the cash shop. There's also a stamina mechanic, which sort of like "over dura" in RoM. Aside from your attributes you have a little heart near your health that indicates your stamina. When it is full at 120%, you get attribute bonuses similar to over dura. Stamina is replenished by standing next to campfires in towns or villages, or you can make temporary ones out in the world.

Combat is very active; lots of moving and dodging, and you have to aim your attacks or they will miss.

I haven't run any dungeons :-X , but there are a lot of open world bosses starting very early on in leveling, and the fights have become increasingly more difficult and more engaging as I've progressed. There are a lot of dungeons, too, by the way, I just haven't felt like pug-ing it.

A few things I still don't care for. The quest hub style of questing is kind of tired on me, and I can become bored going on by myself. Travel is quirky at times, and can seem to be more trouble than it needs to be. Also it's the only game I play that I have some nasty lag issues with. I guess that would be another RoM similarity :P . One of the races, the Elin, are still off-putting, to me. The World Chat community is far, far, from the best, as well. The zones aren't as explorable as I'd like them to be, but they're pretty to look at.

That said, a few things I like. Visually, the game is fantastic. The characters, the mobs, the zones, lighting, scenery, spell effects, all of it is really, really nice. The combat is fun, and as I said, boss fights are very engaging and always have you on your toes. The Auction House has more options and graphs and tabs than I know what to do with (maybe that's not so good?). A lot of dungeons for me to try eventually try, and the gearing system seems decently interesting. There's also a bunch of instanced PvP modes I have yet to try. Lastly, as I understand it, the cash shop is not needed at any point in the game

I find I like this game more the further I get into it. At first I thought it was "alright", but as i gain levels I find it's definitely become much more fun. I know a few of you have tried it, and if you didn't hate it straight away, I recommend giving a little time.

If anyone else decides to give it a go, I'm on the Ascension Valley server as either Ckris or Ckhris.